KART 388


Action Electric power 6Kw

Action Como/Italy + Factory images

Boat finishing @ boatyard

KART 388

The ultralite - Speedster

Can be powered by Electric or Gasoline outboards



Detachable launch wheels kit

Positioning the s/steel wheel support

Simple spring pin engagement device

Clamps in and out in a move

Shock proof attachement

QUICKGRIP - Remote Control kit

We want to make your boating simple and hassles free, quality is our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we act on this principle every day.

  • The first system in the market allowing the remote control of the throttle on portable 1 to 20 hp outboards missing the teleflex housing, connects the remote control box directly to the tiller handle positioned on the motor's steering bar.

  • Rapid and precise connection to the Motor’s throttle handle positioned at the end of the tiller barThe alloy+s/steel head tiller arm support has to be positioned once

  • Super compact - heavy duty control box

  • Tool free, rapid connection and disconnection to the outboard - Fits the majority of portable outboards in the market

  • Best remote system specifically designed for small power outboards - console mount

Cables entaglement to the handle bracelet

Cable sleeve securing to the tiller support



Available colours

External Champagne RAL 7044

External Grey RAL 7043

outer hull

interior-white fits all

Panels edges

Natural white/fluo orange/fluo green - limited edition


we are proud to build these small rockets looking forward You join the fun aboard these cutting edge powerboats


Technical perfectionism-our attitude

We know that every little detail makes the difference

when it comes to the water

Use the best materials in the Marine field to hi-reliability

Check the innovations we developed to make sailing easy

When non existing..we developed it!

Flow-rite remote draining system

Dismantlable drive cockpit

Mounted drive cockpit

Drive cockpit - quick connection

Heavy duty - 100 Lt. buoyancy reserve bag

Vacuum processsing the hull parts

Sandwich before internal fairing

Waterproof/draining front bags

Ballast bottom-in still boat mode

The Marinekart Team

Lucio Longoni


Nello Amico

Composites Master

Alexander Johst

Sales/A-D-CH area

Pawel Pacek Altura

Production manager

  • Standard boat kit includes:

  • front & rear waterproof/microcellular foam/TPU cushions

  • TPU waterproof/draining front bags(pair)

  • Drive cockpit organizer bag

  • Strong TPU safety floatation bag (approx 100 lt. volume)

  • N.4 alloy handles

  • flow-rite remote draining system

  • N.4 hull integrated large size - security handles

  • N.2 anti-shock PE - stabilizing flaps

  • Steering kit:

  • Superlight steering wheel

  • Mechanical rotary steering

  • Teleflex steering cable

  • Steering arm to connect teleflex to the motor

Optional components:

  • Quickgrip throttle remote control kit

  • (shift to be operated manually)

  • *One lever precision/compact control box

  • *S/steel cables 2,5mt. long + s/steel micrometrical screw adjustments

  • *Alloy cable-end support with s/steel swivel - sleeve stopper

  • *Nylon throttle handle bracelet Price 305€

    Transport/launch wheel kit

  • s/steel wheel supports with inner "spring pin" system

  • N.4 s/steel kingpins for supports fastening

  • N.2 arms+inflatable wheel size 4.10/3.50-4 Price 290€

  • 2 arcs bimini top kit 180x160 cms. Price 280€

  • Double adjust. angle front cushion Price 278€

  • 3 steps telescopic paddle - orange. Price 28,50€

Following a family tradition in boating