Sandwich Vacuum Molding Technology / Nauticexpo

The use of high modulus materials and the use of the sandwich vacuum molding technologies, traditionally reserved to the niche of the racing boats, provide robust construction, light and stiff.

Even the fittings and all accessories have been engineered and developed with the aim to drastically reduce the weight without inhibiting the mechanical properties.

The result of the work is summarized in the Team Eaglesky 338 Kart, the first line of portable boats under development, which, in 50 kg of weight, it offers the construction of the hull including guidance system for quick connection to the engine, remote control gas quick coupling (patented), ergonomic seating, a waterproof bag and anything else necessary to ground handling and navigation.

The exciting features of the hull, along with quick and unique solutions for connection to the motor command, ensure the operation of the boat from the roof of the car navigation in minutes.

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