On Water Action


Eaglesky Ltd is a new Company with headquarters in Switzerland dedicated to the manufacturing of portable full optional boats utilizing the most advanced technology.

Peculiarity of these small size boats is the very low weight. Thanks to the advanced technology manufacturing process and the use of innovative materials and assembly systems, these boats can be easily loaded on roof-bars equipped vehicles or campers by two people only.

Marinekart boats feature high resistance materials and are manufactured with sandwich layers vacuum technology, traditionally used for sailboat hulls, thus assuring strength, rigidity and ultra light weight.

Accessories and riggings have been engineered and developed with the aim of reducing weight though maintaining their full functionality.

Eaglesky Ltd team introduces Kart 338, the first portable boat of the range. The amazing 55 kg weight includes not only the boat structure but also both steering and remote control systems with quick connection (patented) to the engine, ergonomic seatings, waterproof bag and everything necessary for navigation and boat transport.

The unique hull design together with quick and exclusive connection devices to the outboard engine allows boat to be ready for navigation in few minutes.

Marinekart boats are multipurpose: they can be used either as smart and maneuverable yacht tender or for a relaxing fishing day. Family fun is guaranteed on lake and sea, or you can choose to use them as real water karts, forgetting the trouble of bulky trailers.

Moreover, Marinekart boats can be easily stored in a garage with no additional laying up expenses.

Low cost performance has to be added to the unique features of these versatile boats: with a 6 HP (4,41 KW) outboard engine Kart 338 has reached 35 km/h with an average fuel consumption of 1,4 l/h.

Other tests with electrical engines in the upper range have confirmed the high efficiency of the boat design when starting and most of all when planing: the low friction improves fuel economy.

The aim at Eaglesky Ltd is to develop a range of user friendly, reliable products to be easily transported, launched and lifted for affordable pleasure boating.

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