Marinekart is a tiny, agile boat /


If you’ve ever ridden a go-kart, they’re pretty entertaining. Sadly, you can’t drive them on the highway… but you can now take something similar on the water.

marinekart 309x172 Marinekart is a tiny, agile boat


The Marinekart is essentially a go-kart on the water. It’s got a 6 horsepower engine, which, OK, you probably own a lawnmower that has more oomph behind it. But that’s good enough to go twenty miles an hour on water and it’s fairly fuel efficient as these things go. They also claim that it’s “unsinkable” due to its “sandwich” design. Personally, I question that; calling something “unsinkable” is like claiming something is “idiotproof.” But their main point, that it’s hard for your garden-variety idiot to wreck, is a good one.

It’s also incredibly light: the whole thing comes in at 120 pounds. You can literally strap this thing to the top of your car and drive it somewhere.

Best of all, unlike a go-kart, it seats four.

These aren’t in America yet; currently they’re only being sold in Europe. But expect them to come to the US sooner rather than later. And hey, you can always pick one up and drive it back.

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