MARINEKART at the MIAMI BOAT SHOW 14th – 18th Feb.

MARINEKART will present the KART at the Miami Boat Show from 14th to 18th of February.


Leave it to a landlocked country to come up with the seafaring equivalent of a go-kart.



The Marinekart is pretty much exactly that — weighing in at roughly 120 pounds, it’s easy to transport, and thanks to a 6 hp outboard engine that attaches quickly to the body, it can reach speeds over 20 mph while offering extreme maneuverability. You can put up to 10 hp outboard to reach about 30 mph – real race-boat feeling.

Add in comfortable seating for up to four people, a removable waterproof bag, and an “unsinkable” sandwich build, and it’s pretty much the perfect weekend getaway watercraft.

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