Making a Splash

Making a Splash

Just in time for warm weather fun, Perth-based MarineKart Australia/New Zealand presents the Kart 338, an innovative and unique leisure craft ready for a good time on Australian shores. Already extremely popular in Europe, the Kart 338 perfectly combines style, performance and affordability.

Made in Switzerland with renowned Swiss precision, the Kart 338 is lightweight (just shy of 60 kilograms) and unsinkable, with a catamaran hull that ensures unparalleled stability on the water at all times and a centre console drive that makes it easy and fun to manoeuvre on the water.

With the maximum outboard of 10 horsepower, the Kart 338 can reach speeds up to 50km per hour whilst still holding up to 370kg (about four adults in weight).

The Kart 338 is versatile. It can be used in many ways from a tender for a bigger boat to a wild, fun craft pulling a biscuit or wakeboard. It’s also handy for a quiet spot of fishing.

The karts are light enough to transport on top of any vehicle – no need for a boat trailer – and they are easy to store. By using a simple dolly trolley, the Kart 338 can be launched straight from the shoreline. It is the perfect craft for the kind of water activities and lifestyle to which Australians are accustomed. With its amazing weather pretty much year round and vast array of waterways, Australia is the perfect place for Kart 338’s unique design, style and Swiss technology.




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